MOMOCS – MOdel driven MOdernisation of Complex Systems


MOMOCS (MOdel driven MOdernisation of Complex Systems, aims at studying a methodology and related tools for fast reengineering of complex systems. A complex system is characterised by an interconnection of hardware, software, user interfaces, firmware, business and production processes.

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MOMOCS will study how a complex system can be modernised with a focus on the software portion of it, with the goal of keeping up with a very fast changing business and technical environment taking human beings as the centre of the interaction.

MOMOCS will thus allow the end-user to concentrate on what to do and not how to do it.

MOMOCS methodology aims at solving the dilemma between rigorous and bureaucratic methodologies and agile and unstructured ones by building an eXtreme end-User dRiven Process, which will be named XIRUP, and related supporting tools.

MOMOCS modernisation methodology will apply to complex systems and will reengineer software architectures, data heterogeneities and processes in order to make systems behaviour more predictable in terms of performance, stability and upgradeability.

MOMOCS methodology will also address the heterogeneity of user interfaces and implementations by making user interfaces easier to understand resulting in fewer man-machine interaction errors and by making the maintenance skill pool smaller.

MOMOCS methodology and tools will be studied in a way that is independent of the specific platform in which the final complex system will be instantiated. MOMOCS will also develop the models and software tools to support the methodology.

MOMOCS methodology will leverage on standards made by OMG such as MOF, XMI and UML, and will deliver a meta-model described as a MOF model which will be characterised by an easy learning curve and de-bureaucratise MDA, thus enabling the fast reengineering of complex systems.

Contact at DBIS

The contact person for the project at DBIS is:

    Karsten Tolle

Please do not hesitate to send an email in case you have any question or comment related to the MOMOCS Project.