Business Models for Open Source Software Products with Dual Licensing

Aim of this research is to identify the key elements that play a significant role in the success of business models for companies which produce software products based on open source using dual licensing. For that we have defined a new framework analysis that can be used to evaluate existing and new business models.

Work in cooperation with the Copenhagen Business School, Department of Informatics.


“A Framework Analysis of Business Models for Open Source Software”
Jesper Holck, Roberto Zicari, Volker Mahnke.
The 1st International Workshop on Building Sustainable Open Source
June 6, 2009, Skövde, Sweden. (.pdf)

“Winning through incremental innovation: The case of MySQL AB”
Jesper Holck, Volker Mahnke, and Roberto V. Zicari.
Proceedings of the 31st Information Systems Research Seminar in
Scandinavia (IRIS), 9-12 August, 2008, Åre, Sweden. (.pdf)